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If You Want Your Concepts To Stand Out In Qual and Win In Quant, Joel Friedman Is The Guy You Need To Know


You want winning concept statements. 


You want to know your concept statements will nail the hypothesized positionings for focus group testing, and then give you better-than-expected top 2 box scores in quant.


And you want guilt-free peanut M&Ms.


This guy can give you two out of three.


You only get one shot to do it right.  That’s why you want Joel to write your concepts

  • He has the experience to challenge your thinking and make the concept better
  • He has that whole flash-of-insight, perfectly-stated-headlines-and-copy, pleasure-to-work-with thing nailed down 
  • Unlike the writers at your agency, he likes writing concepts and knows how to do it well
  • Did we mention “pleasure to work with?”



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