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You tell me the starting ideas, the key support points and the format you prefer.
I’ll take it from there.

This works for one concept,six, ten or twenty.  If you’ve got the main ideas and support for a number of concepts, I’ll help each one be all it can be (apologies to the U.S. Army).  I’ll send you a draft, make revisions based on your input and turn the whole thing around faster than you’d ever believe.

Or just send me rough concepts your team has written and I'll make them positively SING.

I’ll sit in the back room and optimize copy between groups

Does it really make sense to take the same copy, unchanged, to a series of groups?  If a concept doesn’t work the first time, you should be able to fix it.

That’s my specialty.  I sit in the back room, listen to the respondents, and the team debriefs afterword.  Then I go away for a bit and voila!  Revised concepts for the next group, with any red flag words or phrases replaced with shiny new and improved copy.  And if you get an idea for a new concept, it can go into the next group right away.


Rates (by the hour, day or project) available on request

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