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About Joel

You’ll like Joel.  He’s funny.  And he’s got an infectious enthusiasm that leaves you excited about an idea without your quite realizing what just happened. 

Not coincidentally, Joel is an award-winning copywriter who combines a talent for writing persuasively with a unique skill at single-mindedly communicating distinct ideas and their benefits.

Since beginning Brand X
in 1992, Joel has helped generate ideas, develop new products and define unique market positions across a wide range of industries, both in partnership with marketing and business consultants, and directly for corporate clients. 

Prior to founding Brand X Creative Services, Joel spent 16 years as a copywriter and associate creative director for advertising agencies including DDB Needham,
J. Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett Company.


Industry list:

Packaged goods            
Vision Care

Financial Services (insurance,
    investment services, banking)

Fast Food                    
Beverages (soft drinks, beer, spirits, 
    energy drinks)




Snacks and Candy         
Electronics (cell phones, computers, TV)

Personal Care               
Processed & Frozen Foods   

Medical Devices

Pet Food

Oral Care                    
Baked Goods

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